Company Management

Once the company is registered and when the time comes to start the business, if you are in Poland and if you want to run your own business, we can still help you out in PR & marketing of your company. In case you prefer not to stay in Poland, no worries! We are there for you. Our management can run your business in Poland on your behalf.  From the manager to the secretary, from the cook to the waiters, form the project managers to the sales representatives, we can find the best people to work for your business. We will assist you with development of a business strategy for entering the EU markets, registration in all instances, Investments and loans, in-depth analysis of the market, search for potential investors, search for potential partners, licensing documents, certificates, other permissions, promotion in the EU market, participation in fairs and exhibitions, meetings with potential partners, promotion in the Internet space of EU (site and advertisement online), outsourcing, accounting support, legal support, notary support, marketing support and much more. 

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