Charity Events

Mr. Razvi Hussaini - the founder of RR Group, lives in the hearts of many polish people. He has got innumerous awards for helping people in Poland and for organizing such charity events which no one had ever done before! Though a program, “Care a Mom”, he adopted an old Polish lady as his mother to raise the awareness that old people must be respected in Europe. Through an event “Kultury Swiata” (World cultures) he made kids from all over the World to join their hands together to raise funds to help the Polish kids suffering with brain cancer. There were many more charity events which we have organized and yet many more have been planned to organize! If you want to join hands with us, you are most welcome. For any good cause and to support the needful, we always work for free. Hence, if you have any idea of helping others and wondering how to initiate, don’t hesitate to contact us. With no fees we are ready to give you advice and lead your good-will to achieve success.

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